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We're an independent software license management company specializing in Oracle for over 20 years. 
We have over 200 customers worldwide from Fortune 50 to medium size enterprises, across both the private and public sector. Gadsby Technologies was founded to better assist Oracle customers proactively manage their software assets. Oracle license contracts and policies are complex, and the only way to control costs and reduce the risk of exposure is with a Ridiculous Amount of Oracle Licensing Knowledge. Being subject matter experts, we can ensure a maximum return on your investments.

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Fiona Roy, President

Fiona Roy, President

Our Mission

To enable companies to gain the full value in their Oracle investments by delivering a wealth of knowledge in Oracle software asset management and license contracts.

Over the last 20 years we've saved companies hundreds of millions of dollars and delivered exceptional results on better managing Oracle software assets. 



"Fiona has such a strong work ethic. She gives stellar attention to every detail and always works through multiple configurations to get the best result for her clients."


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