Why Choose Gadsby Technologies?


Gadsby Technologies offers expert advice in its core competence areas, which comprise of Oracle Contracts and Software Asset Management services. Here are a few of the reasons why others have selected our services:


Experience + Expertise

A seasoned Oracle software license expert, along with a dedicated small team of experienced technical advisors performs all the work, for all of our clients, not entry-level consultants. We have more than 20 years experience in Oracle software asset management and contracts. There just isn’t much we haven’t seen.

Our Relationships

The client base at Gadsby Technologies are primarily referral based. We also partner with other organizations whom request our expertise to assist their clients. Many of our relationships are long standing with some of our first clients still with us today. At the close of an engagement, we are always humbled by the recognition we receive and work to continuously build on that kind of trust. We want to be a partner with the goal of better managing Oracle software assets.

Our Value

Quality and Client Satisfaction. Our goal is to exceed your expectations in terms of the value delivered in comparison to the cost for the assessment. Our deliverables can be tailored for your company’s unique needs. We consistently deliver the highest value within your budget.


We pride ourselves on our high standards of ethics and professional integrity. We're committed to ensuring that you receive exceptional service.

"A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all." — Michael LeBoeuf


About Fiona

From working at Oracle Corporation to founding an Oracle software license management company, Fiona Roy’s experience has taught her how to deliver significant savings and maximize her client’s investment in Oracle.

In 2005, Fiona established Gadsby Technologies, an Oracle Software License Management Company that works with clients to optimize their Oracle spend while maintaining compliance. Prior to 2005, Fiona spent over 9 years working at Oracle Corporation and an Oracle reseller selling software licenses. During this time, she became well versed in Oracle contract terms and licensing policies, along with negotiating Oracle software contracts. 

Trust + Respect

While selling Oracle software, Fiona noted many organizations didn’t have the Oracle contracts knowledge to properly understand the governing terms in order to manage the deployment of the software assets adequately.

She became passionate about analyzing her client’s estate to first understand what they owned vs. deployed, in order to determine any new license requirements. She quickly earned the trust and respect of her clients by navigating the complexity of Oracle licensing policies, notably over achieving yearly quotas.  

Over time she realized that many organizations don’t have the time in I.T. operations to manage software assets, as their job is to implement Oracle software to better run the operations of the business. Vendor management offices also find it impossible to staff software license experts for hundreds of software publishers they have agreements with. 

our team

Gadsby Technologies was founded to help bridge this gap so their sole specialty is Oracle software licensing. As a result of the demand, they now have a team of experts assisting their clients. Their understanding of the complexity of Oracle licensing, dating back over 20 years, has allowed them to deliver this service with consistent results. They have a ton of references should you need one.

When not working with clients, Fiona loves to go for a run with her two boxers and enjoy time outdoors with her husband and three children in Quebec's Eastern Townships. 


Oracle licensing is complex.

We get it. Let us show you the way. Book a free consultation today.