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From working at Oracle Corporation to founding an Oracle software license management company, Fiona Roy’s experience has taught her how to deliver significant savings and maximize her client’s investment in Oracle.

As Account Executive at Oracle Canada, she was responsible for delivering an annual quota over 4 years selling Oracle licenses. Her role included an in depth understanding of Oracle products, licensing, legal contracts and negotiations at all levels, which resulted in sales and employee awards for exceptional results and customer satisfaction.

Fiona continued her work with Oracle software and pursued an opportunity to build the Oracle resell division for a partner based in MI. Over 4 years, she was tasked to build this division on her own, where she negotiated Oracle contracts and began to analyze and assist clients in understanding how to fully utilize license investments and reduce administration costs.  She over exceeded her quota delivery each year and built a significant Oracle customer base.

In 2005, Fiona established Gadsby Technologies, an Oracle Software License Management Company that works with clients to fit the right product for their needs and negotiate the contract. She has also carved a niche market in license management helping companies remain compliant while procuring software in the most effective manner. Her understanding of the complexity of Oracle licensing, dating back 14 years, has allowed her to deliver this service with consistent results. Working with a limited number of customers, they quickly became a trusted advisor and integral part of her customers’ Oracle license management strategy.

Gadsby Technologies client base includes companies throughout North America from Fortune 500 to small and medium size businesses. Clients include:  Utilities, Finance, Government, High Tech, Retail, Health Care, Telco, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Aerospace and Education.

Fiona earned a BSc Mathematics at Brock University